The Transgender Necessity

The Transgender Necessity is a forum for exploring the mythopoetic dimensions of the transgender experience, and the historical, cultural, and spiritual relevance of the transgender experience to all persons. In particular, the intersection of the trans experience and the spiritual journey—whether “the spiritual” is defined in terms of personal authenticity or communion with the numinous or mystical aspects of being—is of foremost consideration.

All persons experience a more or less radical need to understand and define themselves as uniquely and truly themselves. Trans people must literalize this journey in terms of their union with self and gender. However one defines that relation, the trans journey is a reclamation and a validation of one’s being not automatically granted at one’s birth, in one’s assigned gender.

“The Transgender Necessity” imagines that the formidable spiritual resources required for gender transition might be useful to all persons seeking to live authentic lives in a society often hostile to the undermining of its conditioning.

By hosting trans and non-trans individuals alike, from all sectors of society, these dialogues seek to illuminate the transgender experience as one above all of dignity in the face of great odds.

If you are a person, either trans- or cis-gendered, who has a keen interest in exploring the relevance of the trans experience to all forms of human culture, please contact Zhenevere Sophia Dao directly through this website.  

From Zhenevere Sophia Dao’s Book,




“It is possible, nay, in fact irrefutable in my experience, that what might be called my “identity” comes to me in inalienable images, in visitations of longing, in sensations that are not mere dreams but the very spirits of my birth, imploring me, in my person, for their embodiment. They will not be denied, for I cease to exist when my identity becomes an idea of my time and place—my culture and society—rather than the unique ways of experiencing this brief, precious life in a vessel of sensation, movement, and consideration that expresses every contour of my soul…and, I pray, less and less contours of anything that is not the shape of my soul. If I have emerged female, it is because the shape of my soul refuses to die before I am what I was born to be.”