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Sense & Sensibility Lectures

Online with Zhenevere Sophia Dao

5 Lectures

from April 2024—August, 2024 (with a possible extension)

Occurring on the Second Saturday of each month
(unless otherwise noted)

1:30pm—3:30pm Mountain Time, USA

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For the first half of 2024 (until August) I am focusing on the writing of a book on  Post-Daoism and Neo-Romanticism, which terms encompass my cultural and philosophical perspectives. Beginning in September, I will be teaching in-person workshops in New Mexico and overseas, accompanied by vocalist Willa Roberts. Information about those in-person workshops will be forthcoming as soon as dates & locations are established.

Zhenevere Sophia Dao; Neo-Romanicism: Post-Daoist Philosophical Theory & Mythosomatic Movement

The Eros Annual

at Brave Earth, in Costa Rica



   with Zhenevere Sophia Dao and Willa Roberts


Thursday, September 19, 2024 12:00 PM—
Tuesday, September 24, 2024 1:00 PM

CLICK HERE to view details and to register.

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Sense & Sensibility Lectures

Third Lecture: Saturday, July 20th


1:30pm—3:30pm MST USA

Over the course of 5 months, the SENSE & SENSIBILITY LECTURES will cover 5 topics of human sensibility: Feeling; Thinking; Talking; Sensing; and Desiring. We'll begin each lecture with 15—30 minutes of somatic work related to the topic at hand, comprised of imaginative meditation and Mythosomatic forms.


Sense & Sensuality

July 20th, 1:30pm—3:30pm

Making ourselves and each other through the care of language.



(To register for the Saturday lectures, please use the REGISTER FOR LECTURES form below this DONATIONS FORM)

During the 8 Month Writing Process in 2024

During the 2024 year, the pricing for my classes, lectures, and workshops will remain extremely modest, as they have always been. Until August, I am teaching only once a month, a two hour lecture online, on the second Saturday of each month, in order to devote myself nearly entirely to the writing of the book on Post-Daoism and Neo-Romanticism. This means a precipitous decline in monthly income, a conscious sacrifice which is not without financial strain. If anyone would like to donate to support that decision and that process, I would be grateful. 




Thank you dearly for the support.



Saturday, July 20th

1:30 pm – 3:30 pm


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In the soil of the flesh of the human body, in the rivers of the blood, in the storms of the psyche, in the pounding hooves of the heart, the human shares mysteries with the Earth. These mysteries are forms of Magic. Magic makes meaning, but inscrutably, irrationally. Magic is the natural action of the incalculable human heart. Earth’s magic takes forms: sacrifice; the Immensity of the Other; listening; above all, Sympathy. We belong to life ultimately only through Sympathy. When I say Belonging, I do not mean the comfort of familiarity. I mean nearly the opposite. I mean that the need to feel what is not ourselves is the very substance of ourselves. And this substance of ourselves, which is substantiated in the need to feel Others, is our relaxation on the Earth. This is the opposite of indifference, the opposite of bigotry. The Other is there before us—their body, their breath, their eyes. They are the encounter with what is real. We know them because we have become ourselves in the alarming attention of their eyes. And so we make Others in the alarming attention of our eyes. That is the history of human existence. There is of course another history—the history of non-existence; of ceasing to exist; of ending; the history of the human destroying the human; the history of the human destroying all living things. But Sympathy is the only viable history. All the other impulses are clots of fear that amount to suicide. Our suicide is plain now, at the end of human history. History is ending because the human is clotted with fear. But the least encounter with the Other gifts us existence again. Their body, their breath, their eyes—their pain, their wish, their prayers, their sadness, their wound, their abjection, their loneliness, their joy. Their life, we know, is our life. All of their being pours itself fourth through the porous shield of our expression. And because we are them, we cannot bear that we are not them. We want to make room in ourselves for their whole being. We try. But we cannot. We cannot wholly become the Other. The constituents of our lives are different. We cannot utterly mutualize all human circumstance within our single selves. And this knowledge is too painful to bear. But in order to bear it, we undergo a kind of magic: we transform. We expand past the limitations of our skin, past our thought, and past our mind. We create new sense, new thought, new mind. We include until we break, and then we reform again, like water expanding around a stone. The stone is our ego. The water is our being. The Other makes our being flow around the suicide of the stone.

~Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Excerpt from SENSIBILITY

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