"What Was the Human For?"

Movement and Spiritual Philosophy

Online Class with Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Saturdays, 9am—10:30am

9am—9:40am Mythosomatic Practice (movement)

9:40am—10:30am Post-Daoist Spiritual Ideation



ONLINE w/ Zhenevere Sophia Dao & Eve Bradford

May 7th

9am—12:30pm MST USA

To conclude this installment of the ongoing seminar, WHAT WAS THE HUMAN FOR, this coming Saturday, May 7th, we have the BODY & MIND REFINEMENT WORKSHOP, a 3 1/2 hour program focusing on the refinements of both the new Mythosomatic Post-Daoist Yin and Yang forms, as well as the Post-Daoist YIN and YANG theories that I have been discussing over the past 2 months. 

Eve Bradford, who has an extremely deep and nuanced understanding of Post-Daoist YIN & YANG Theory, will cover much of the philosophy. I will teach the two new forms, THE (Yang) UNDERWORLD and THE (Yang) IMPOSSIBLE; but unlike in the classes previously, I will teach these forms as theaters, with all of the emotional and mythic attributes that make them Mythosomatic, or ensouled forms of deep human expression and emotion. 

Additionally, I will speak philosophically about the YUN Post-Daoist concept, with particular attention to my own new understandings of the philosophy of "different sameness." I will also attempt to address how these philosophies might relate to gender in time and in society, and to a concept of trans-ness based on a holistic existential longing.

This workshop will be deep, a time for myself, and for Eve, to carry us into places that the weekly class cannot quite attain to. Some individuals have written to me asking whether it is possible to attend the workshop if they have not attended the previous seminar (series of classes). Yes, that will be fine, but please know that the purpose of the Refinement Workshop is to carry the level of discourse even further than the classes, and or content will represent not merely a review, but an accumulation of consideration based on the series that becomes its own launching point for deeper consideration.

We are very much looking forward to this,



*All students are welcome. One need not have any experience in the movement arts and/or philosophical studies to participate. Students only interested in the movement portion of the class, or the philosophy portion, can choose to participate as they wish, however the price remains the same.

The Body & Mind Refinement Workshop

3-hour Seminar

w/ Zhenevere Sophia Dao & Eve Bradford