Soma & Civilization

Essence, Power, Sensation, Expression


Mythosomatic Movement &

Post-Daoist Lectures and Discussion

Five Introductions to the SOMA & CIVILIZATION program

Online with Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Saturday Mornings, 9am—10:30am MST USA

Beginning Saturday, December 3rd.

The SOMA & CIVILIZATION program proper begins in January, comprised of 5 6-week online sessions, two classes per week, incorporating Mythosomatic Movement, Post-Daoist ideation (lectures and discussion), and the study of mythopoetics through the praxis of reading poetry—a class I am calling BEING & POETRY. Registration and further details regarding that program are forthcoming.

More immediately upcoming, on the five Saturdays of December, Zhenevere will be offering FIVE PRELUDES or introductions to the themes of the SOMA & CIVILIZATION program.  (The BEING & POETRY class will begin with the program proper in January.)

Mythosomatic Movement describes an ever-growing vocabulary of "physical theaters" of human expression (forms and series) the purpose of which is to attune practitioners to the relationship between sensitivity and movement—the feedback of the soma—and mythos, the stories, archetypes, and frameworks that we imagine for ourselves and the world in order to give our lives meaning. 

Post-Daoism is a field of philosophical ideation and wonder, attempting to imagine how the soul—human passions, emotions, desires, needs, and pathologies—might relate to and reciprocate a "world soul," or ontological framework of natural and mutual inter-dependency.

The five themes, which will also be the five 6-week subjects of the SOMA & CIVILIZATION program in 2023, are as follows:

                   1. Origin and Essence—December 3rd

                   2. Power and Emotion—December 10th
                   3. Fragility and Sensation—December 17th
                   4. Eros and Transformation—December 24th
                   5. Paradox, Art, and Expression—December 31st

Registration is open to the public. No experience is necessary. All five sessions can be purchased at a bulk discounted rate of $90, or classes can be purchases separately. Both options are available below.

5 Class Course


Saturdays, Dec 3 - Dec 31

Individual Class