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Soma & Civilization

What Was the Human For?

Online with Zhenevere Sophia Dao

Post-Daoist Philosophy & Neo-Romanticism

& Mythosomatic Movement

Foundations Class
(Saturday mornings 9—10:30am MST)

The 5 Mythosomatic Dances: EMPATHOS

(Wednesday evenings 5:30pm—6:45pm MST)

Power & Emotion

Six-week series begins March 18th

Foundations Class
Saturday Mornings, 9am—10:30am MST USA

6 consecutive Saturday mornings, beginning Saturday, March 18th


The Saturday morning Foundations Class covers both Post-Daoist philosophy and Mythosomatics (movement)—roughly 70% lecture and ideation and 30% movement. The six-week class series will be taught in a progressional manner; though the class is always open to newcomers, the teaching will build from one class to the next. The Mythosomatic Dance for the Power & Emotion theme is: EMPATHOS

Individual Class


    The 5 Mythosomatic Dances


Wednesday Evenings, 5:30pm—6:45pm MST USA

5 consecutive Wednesday evenings, beginning Wednesday, March 22nd


"The 5 Mythosomatic Dances" focuses on one of the 5 Mythosomatic Dances; the current dance, in association with the theme, Power & Emotion, is: "Empathos." These dances, inspired by Post-Daoist ideas on the capability of feeling, represent diverse themes of ontological belonging. These Mythosomatic expressions collapse the distinction between emotion and awareness, prayer and art, body and nature. This class will be taught in a progressional fashion, with each class building on the former. Though enrollment is open to any student, this is a Deep Study class designed for students participating in the Foundations Class on Saturdays who are particularly dedicated to the personal embodiment of these Mythosomatic dances.

Individual Class


Soma & Civilization Ongoing in 2023


The SOMA & CIVILIZATION program comprises 5 6-week online sessions, on Saturday mornings, throughout 2023. The themes are:

       1. Origin and Essence/Mythosomatic Dance: ACREATION (finished)
                   2. Power and Emotion/Mythosomatic Dance: EMPATHOS (current)
                   3. Fragility and Sensation
                   4. Eros and Transformation
                   5. Paradox & Mysticism

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