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If poetry is defined as any expression of the unbearable precariousness of meaning, then the study of poetry—that is, the study of meaning in form—would be crucial to the affirmation of life. In a time of the debasement of sublimity on the whole, when the human voice has been almost entirely c0-opted by "information" at best, and brutal and cruel calumny at worst, when the lives of so many persons seem meaningful only to the extent that they entertain distraction—in such a time, the contemplation of poetry—in all its forms—seems to represent a concentration of our better powers, much like love, or the call of the numinous. 

The reading of poetry often frames the online movement and philosophy courses. Hand-picked thematic anthologies accompany the curricula. And the spirit of poetry pervades the study of both Post-Daoism and Mythosomatics.


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