Physical Theaters of Longing and Belonging

The coinage "Mythosomatics" describes the body of movement art—forms and series—that Zhenevere Sophia Dao has innovated over the course of her lifetime. To date there are some 150 forms that comprise the oeuvre of Mythosomatics, many of which are combined into unique series. Currently, Zhenevere Sophia Dao is developing Mythosomatics as pure forms of art incommunicable to any conventional notions of healing, but as direct correlatives of emotional or mystical states, what might be described as sacramental theaters of tremendous feeling. Mythosomatics can therefore be imagined as physical theaters of extreme sensitivity, collapsing the distinction between emotion and awareness, prayer and art, body and nature. A compound word combining "mythos," meaning extraordinary and ultimate purpose, and "somatics," meaning the felt intelligence of sensation, Mythosomatics can be summarized as movement arts comprising elements of aesthetic, emotional, and numinous expression.