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Physical Theaters of Myth & Poetry

The coinage "Mythosomatics," a compound word blending "mythos," meaning extraordinary and ultimate purpose, with "soma," meaning the felt intelligence of sensation, describes the entire oeuvre of the mythopoetic physical theaters—the forms and series—choreographed by Zhenevere Sophia Dao over the past two decades. These choreographies represent direct kinesthetic experiences of states of human belonging, sacramental physical theaters of feeling that collapse the distinction between emotion and awareness, prayer and art, body and nature.


The 5 Mythosomatic Dances


The 2023 online SOMA & CIVILIZATION program marks the introduction of the 5 Mythosomatic Dances. These 5 expressions, inspired by Post-Daoist ideas on the capability of feeling, are mythosomatic dances representing diverse themes of ontological power: Creation; Power; Tenderness; Eros; and Mystery. The 5 Mythosomatic Dances are currently being taught, progressively, throughout the 2023 year. Information about classes can be found on the Homepage of this website.

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