Post-Daoism is a field of spiritual searching and inquiry that represents Zhenevere Sophia Dao’s personal need to imagine classical Daoism in terms of the soul. In ways that are both clear and ineffable, the philosophical ideation of Post-Daoism is inseparable from the ontology of trans-ness; indeed, Post-Daoism might be imagined as a queering of classical Daoism. Understandings of the essences of Yin and Yang, for instance, are nearly inverted, and the ground for a newly named essence (Yun), based on longing, is fundamental. Likewise, the classical elemental framework of Five Element Theory is, in Post-Daoism, understood in terms of realms rather than elements (Five Realms Theory), with the term “realms” allowing for the soul’s innate pathology—here named "Negative Capabilities"—to be the fundamental constituents of profound human belonging.

Zhenevere Sophia Dao’s forthcoming book on Post-Daoism represents an extensive ideation of personal existential and spiritual therapy rather than an attempt to codify a novel philosophy.